Affinity Print is a leader in the provision of sustainable print solutions, using efficient and proven processes. We engage with clients to tailor the best solution for management of your print and communications collateral.

Foil stamping

Foil stamping is a similar process to letterpress printing using heat and foil rather than inks. The heat and the pressure of the machine make the foil bond with the item being stamped. An image that has been foil stamped looks shiny, glossy and smooth. Foil stamping requires no drying time and will not rub off under normal use conditions.
Foil Stamping is a highly effective way to enhance the presentation of many products. The metallic finishes which include special effects holographics are used to draw attention to a variety of products and presentations.


Also known as thermographics or raised printing, Verko is best known for the unique look and texture it gives to business cards. This appealing style can also be used to brighten anything from books to annual reports and packaging.


Thermal - Designed specifically for small run and small sized jobs. These coatings are ideal for digital printing.
Hi-Gloss as its name suggests, has a particularly hi-gloss finish.
Satin has a milder finish than matte that still reduces glare from light sources.


Affinity is a full service commercial printing organisation that provides a unique combination of fully integrated communication solutions. Project Management, Graphic Design, Prepress, Digital Printing and Traditional Printing.
Although many printers lay claim to rows of million dollar machines and endless lists of the latest technologies, the true value of exquisite printing lies in the expert passion of minds, hearts and hands working the equipment to coax the very best magic of image.


We offer a full range of design, scanning, retouching, color, postscript, stripping, and proofing, we have the finest craftspeople in the business. These are artists who know the whole process.

Print - offset

Boasting a wide variety of printing presses including single, two and multi colour machines we are able to offer an entire printing solution backed up with the latest computer to plate technology (CTP).
We can print just about anything you need, business cards, stationery, flyers, brochures, posters just to name a few. With all types of print finishing and paper stock available, the possibilities are endless.
Offset printing offers you a choice of inks, conventional, vegetable based or metallic, and a choice of either gloss or matt varnish finishes enhancing and protecting your product.

Print - digital

Digital printing is extremely cost-effective for short to medium runs due to the fact that only the exact quantity required is ordered. This provides inventory benefits by eliminating costs such as warehousing, text building, stock control and waste.
Documents can be sent via email and be stored as original source documents allowing easy re-ordering. We offer colour or mono outputs with digital on-line file transfer. The possibilities of digital printing extend to personalised newsletters, price lists, training guides, research publications, manuals and more. The list is endless.

Print - Emboss

Emboss text goes here.

The Personal Touch

Our success comes from the exceptional service we provide to our customers.

No matter how small or large your business is, you will notice the personal touch at Affinity.
We have a team of friendly, experienced and approachable staff who will be delighted to talk you through every aspect of your job.
Your own dedicated Account Manager will be on hand to advise and oversee each project, ensuring your job is in safe, capable hands throughout the process.

You are in Safe Hands

Knowing your job will be printed and delivered on time is absolutely critical and we appreciate that reliability is of paramount importance to you.

Affinity Print is a leader in the provision of sustainable print solutions, using efficient and proven processes. We engage with clients to tailor the best solution for management of your print and communications collateral.

Why us

Affinity Print is a leader in the provision of sustainable print solutions, using efficient and proven processes. We engage with clients to tailor the best solution for management of your print and communications collateral.

  • Key account status
  • Seamless working relationship with design, production, warehousing, mail processing and lodgement in-house
  • A proactive account management team that services your needs and manages all deadlines.
  • The ability to colour match and proof all your items to our internal QA standard ensuring consistency of colour and consistent delivery of quality.
  • A solution for your current situation and the flexibility to change as your needs change, repeatedly delivering in full, on time and within budget
  • Our people - experienced, client focused professionals who assist with the delivery of all your print jobs.
  • Cost savings through managed overheads and innovation creating improved value.
  • Secure online ordering through Affinity Online
  • An industry best practice service offering that promotes sustainability through our pre-press, manufacturing and client services processes.
  • Clients will benefit from our independently audited Eco Warranty certification. We continually aim to reduce CO2 emissions and waste from our operation
  • Environmental commitment demonstrated by the use of sustainable papers, vegetable based inks, waterless printing, computer to plate (CTP) technology, chemical reduction and waste management programs.
  • Overall cost savings through project consolidation and managed overheads creating improved value and best value for money .
  • Guaranteed quality, execution and delivery


Commencing business in the early 1980s, Affinity Print has the maturity borne from over 30 years operational experience as an efficient and best practice print organisation. Being closely attuned with market trends and conditions we have learned the necessity to evolve or become irrelevant. This has rewarded our clients with a flexible, reliable, quality focused partnership.

Affinity Print has the experience, people and creative flexibility to deliver significant cost reductions and workflow improvements to all our clients.
Affinity Print combines our years of experience with the quality of our print and the flexibility of our ordering processes to deliver a seamless collaboration that will coordinate and streamline the order to receipt requirement of this project.

We are a company that values creativity and relationships and works hard to develop honest, transparent and mutually respectful communication with clients. Our account managers do this by meeting directly with the users to gain a deep understanding of their needs including the timeline. We are conveniently located in South Melbourne and specialise in the production and distribution of printed collateral which supports all marketing and communication departments.

Our aim is to deliver a mutually beneficial, long term partnership built around our technical expertise, account service, quality and a commitment to ethical, community and environmental responsibility that only Affinity Print can deliver. Our focus is on ensuring the best possible result is achieved on every order.
This is achieved in part by our total client focus, and we subscribe to the adage if you are not supporting the client directly, support someone who is
Client support is maximised by the account managers who in turn are professional supported by production, pre-media and management.

Effective management of your print production requires personnel who understand the nature and purpose of creative briefs, the technical aspects of production and the complexities of multiple delivery or mail house projects.
Affinity Print’s account managers perform these functions calmly and efficiently, working with you through every step of each project ensuring that your expectations are met and hopefully exceeded.

We at Affinity understand what our core strengths are, and where we best fit in the scheme of things. Commercial colour print and embellishment are our reasons for being. Over the course of the past 30+ years we have delivered thousands of successful commercial print jobs - from communication and marketing materials like municipal newsletters, brochures and direct mail, catalogues, posters, training manuals, flyers and annual reports to corporate stationery and invitations. We cover the entire print spectrum, including four colour process, large format, specialty print, digital printing including variable print jobs for direct mail, foil stamping, thermo graphic (raised print also called Verko), forme cutting and more.


  • We have cut out 100% of the front end (pre-press) of manufactory labels, there is no need for film or plates.
  • Normal offset printing uses water, inks, alcohol, reducers in the inks, hardeners, harmful cleaners and a range of other nasty chemicals. We have cut the need for harsh chemicals and water by 100% reducing the all over impact on our environment.
  • We only print exact quantities needed without using overs (waste sheets).
  • Key benefits of the Eco-label include:
    • Reduced over all fabric waste by 20%
    • Reduced chemical usage by 100%
    • No plates or film required at all
    • Alcohol free printing
    • Energy efficient equipment used
    • Reduces the need of water by 100%
    • Toner cartridges are recycled
    • Cost effective for our customers
    • Reduces the need to print and hold bases
  • The supplier of our digital equipment has achieved ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification.


The Eco-Label has been designed to reduce the chemicals and waste used in printing your mattress labels.

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Affinity Print is a leader in the provision of sustainable print solutions, using efficient and proven processes. We engage with clients to tailor the best solution for management of your print and communications collateral.